August 2008

There was a fight over a Bell Street parking spot between two ladies. One lady had a “bladed instrument” and the other lady left the fight with “cuts on her head, shoulder and arm.”

WHAT THE HELL?! Parking isn’t that bad! There are plenty of parking spots; just park and effin WALK! Forgo the Raider Express, just walk from wherever you parked, even if it is the Rutherford Blvd lot across from campus. Get some exercise, fresh air, say hi to people as you pass, avoid the squirrels in Peck Forest…it’s not hard.

Read more @ Nashville is Talking: ‘Cat fight at MTSU over parking space’

I’m rather disturbed by this event. Should my alumni dollars should go towards road/parking rage management classes or towards more ‘convenient’ parking lots? It’s a toss-up.

(4:00 p.m., 8/24/08)–I’m going to see Stone Temple Pilots tonight at the Grand Ole Opry. Yes, that Grand Ole Opry…whatever. At least I’m getting to see STP a second time and I don’t have to drive 8 hours to the show.

As much as I love this band, I’m am slightly concerned about the possibility of a no-show. It happened in Tampa the other night and there are rumors swirling, of course, but no official statement yet. STP played Alpharetta, GA last night so it can’t be too bad. I’ll definitely review the show and take as many pictures as allowed on my camera phone.


1:00 p.m., 8/25–Great show! The band hit the stage at 9:16 p.m. and, I feel, they were on point the entire 2-hour set. The Grand Ole Opry was a seemingly strange choice (it has church-style pews) but it is a legendary venue and the guys mentioned several times they were honored to be there. Upon noticing the style of the Opry, my boyfriend mentioned he felt like he was in the “Church of Weiland.” Once the guys hit the stage, everyone stood up for services and sang along to the “hymns,” so the description fits!

Nashville is notoriously hard to play because of the all music-industry types who sometimes are more worried about looking cool than enjoying themselves. Most people were actually getting into the show! Dancing, fists in the air, singing along (Weiland even let us take over a couple of times)…of course, there were those who just stood there but hey, it happens.

During some of the between-song banter, I had a slightly hard time understanding Scott. It must have been just me though, because my boyfriend (himself an expert in mumbles and not a big fan) relayed what was said. We dug the extended jam endings and jazz/blues jams in between songs as well. My boyfriend hopes if any new material is written, it will be similiar to the jams. They also teased Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” and I swear they tagged an ending from a Led Zep song to one of the songs, but I’ll be damned if I can’t remember either one right now!

During “Sex Type Thing,” Kretz left the stage & the DeLeos’ first drummer Jeremy (I think, I’m so sorry!) came out to take over the skins. He totally rocked it, the crowd loved it and the band all congratulated him at the end of the song. After the encore and bow, Rob had the entire crew & BRMC come out on stage for congratulatory hugs and cheers. It was very appreciative and awesome to have everyone on the stage.

Here’s the set list (from Anonymous on Below Empty):
1. Big Empty
2. Wicked Garden
3. Big Bang Baby (which didn’t sound as whiny as it has before)
4. Silvergun Superman
5. Vasoline
6. Lounge Fly
7. Pink Panther theme blues jam that led into Lady Picture Show
8. Sour Girl (with the Bowie TVC15 groove at the end)
9. Creep with a Bluesy jam outtro
10. Deep Purple “Smoke on the Water” intro
11. Crackerman
12. Plush
13. Interstate Love Song
14. Too Cool Queenie
15. Down
16. Sex Type Thing (with the original drummer for STP sitting in for Eric)
17. Sin


18. Dead and Bloated
19. Groove leading into Tripping on a Hole

Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures. We were close to the stage (main floor, section 5 (just left of center), row G) but the lights did not provide for a opportune moment for photos. Plus, the elderly lady ushers were rather frightening; they would probably take my phone! The only other bad thing was our own fault: we didn’t know the Opry is so damn close to the Opry Mills Mall, so we parked way over by the hotel and main entrance of the complex ($17.34 for parking!) and walked, making many wrong turns & eventually stopping for directions. The walk back wouldn’t have been too bad but it was raining and we were both exhausted from working out & then rocking out. All in all, a great night!

I’m still having a few problems with’s blog posting feature, but I’ve restarted the job to try again. In the meantime, I saved up a few links and am sharing them below. I realize there are a lot of clothing/craft/diy links in this post. Recently, I have the urge to make simple clothes such as skirts and aprons. You probably didn’t know I am a little crafty–I get it from my mom, who made lots of quilts and decorative projects.  Anyways, enjoy the links below and once I get going on my new clothing project, I’ll share the results!

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