I just wanted to post something quick in the effort to have the recently suspended @davedelaney & @pfanderson restored on Twitter. If you are on Twitter & are familiar/following one or both, please help these two massive Twitter supporters restored. The reason seems to be a TOS breach which is very strange. Dave blogged about it here and PFAnderson blogged here. Several other people were suspended/banned as well.

This is just not cool. I love Twitter, these guys have been using it way longer & more effectively than myself. Both of my questions posted to Twitter HQ have yet to be answered, as well as the posts on GetSatisfaction.com posted by the deleted people. If you have any info (other than saying “because of spam or spam links”), please contact me or the two above people. We are all on Plurk as well; I’m kristent on both Twitter & Plurk and their names are the same on Plurk as well. Thanks for your help!