I’ve been visiting Etsy for several months and just wanted to share my love of this beautiful site. Glorious handmade items run rampant; for example, VeganDish‘s Bunny Butts Creamer & Sugar set, SweetheartSinner‘s cigarette-case-style wallets (I own the Alice in Wonderland one) and BMJNYC‘s twig ring are all in my favorites list. I’ve found toys for my kitty, unique items for my apartment and a ton of handmade costumes for Halloween or the next music festival.

Here are just a few of my favorite items:

Recycle or these animals are going to eat your pants - tote
andyeatsonlycandy’s “Recycle” Tote

Purse made of LP record cover The Doors

Rainbow Iridescent Glass Geometrix Divided Dish
If you like any of the items or are interested in anything else, please visit Etsy.com. You do not have to sell anything; if you do join, please let Etsy know I referred you! My Etsy userID is identitybreakdown.