Remember your childhood, when one of the greatest joys is Mom/Dad saying, “Yes, your friends can spend the night?” We’re bringin’ it back–only sans parental permission.

The sleepover came back after various discussions involving my friend Beth, boyfriend Lance and myself. We realized when people hang out really really late (such as a party or movie marathon), everyone drives home afterwards. If alcohol was involved, everyone sobers up and then drive home or gets a ride from a sober person. No one sleeps over anymore. The decision was made to have the Return of the Sleepover during Labor Day weekend, specifically Sunday night. All you need are a few friends, lots of blankets and pillows and a willing friend’s floor.

Well, we started early. On Saturday, a friend from Chattanooga came back to the ‘Boro (twas his birfday!) and met up with my boyfriend for some Saturday shenanigans. Much fun was had at Tarboosh/Roma’s [Tarboma], hanging out at the picnic tables with a rose hookah, The Goth Kid and tons of ridiculous conversation. The party moved to my living room floor for a Soul Caliber IV and Castle Crashers competition until 5 a.m. Thank you Red Bull for the stamina. Wake up five hours later to three slightly awake people in my living room, a freaked out kitty and a very sleepy boyfriend. We made coff-ay, played more Soul Caliber and then hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I totally could have made breakfast but it was way more fun to squeeze four passengers in my Beetle for the CB adventure. Breakfast eated and back to the apartment…for more Soul Caliber.

In Soul Caliber, you can create characters based off the characters you have already purchased or unlocked. So many characters were created this weekend: Cherry Poppins, Alice, Mr. Mardi Gras, Senor Fantastico, Freddie Mercury, Buffy, the Gunslinger Ka-Tet (hard to do w/o guns)…we even made one for each other. Yes, we realize we are dorks but we enjoy it. After a possible 12-hour stretch of video games, we switched to horror movies. ‘Shrooms is an okay movie. We enjoyed it but it could have been better.

Monday served as pyjama day…for those of us who did not work (such as myself). The sleepover group ended up back together with the addition of two friends freshly back from moe.down. Literally, just got off the plane probably an hour and a half beforehand! Give us chicken, potatoes, macaroni noodles and Velveeta and you will eat like a king for the night–which is what we did. Back to my apartment for more Soul Caliber until 3 a.m. (addicted much?) and a new fruity concoction entitled The Goth Kid’s Girlfriend, which made her mark on the carpet and also my hair. Do not lay down to watch TV next to a bright pink drink; it will spill and your hair will have a pink tint to it. All in all, a good time and one that will happen again. Plus, we have some good quotes out of it.

“I need something to cut the Goth Kid with.”

[while playing Soul Caliber] “You just stripped my character!” “That’s because I have the pokey-pokey stick!”

[after kicking our asses in Soul Caliber] “Beth, press ‘A.'” “Which one is ‘A?'” “The green one.”

“Did that horse just purr?”

“You have two speeds, go and reverse.” [my driving skills, apparently]

….long live the sleepover! Start a movement with your friends–bring back the sleepover and see what silliness you can end up with.