As I posted previously, I bought a hula-hoop from the Etsy shop Sunbeam Laserbeam. It. Is. AWESOME! After I picked it up from Leigh on Monday night, I immediately ran–well, drove–home & started hooping in my living room to the dulcet tones of Rock Band 2. I haven’t hooped since I was kid so I did drop the hoop a lot.

Yesterday, I hooped some more (practice makes perfect!). I am now able to keep the hoop up on my waist most of the time & I can knee hoop fairly well. This has not come without its own “dangers,” one being I’m hooping in an apartment with expensive electronics.

I should probably preface this with a neon “I’m clumsy” sign. If you know me well, you know this. I constantly trip, bump into things, hit my head, et cetera and have unexplainable bruises thanks to my clumsiness. Mom even put me in dance lessons as a kid (seven years, I miss it!) to help my klutziness. I’m great on the stage/dance floor…no music, not so much. Maybe I just need to constantly hear music…..Anyways, back to the story. I have “hooping” bruises on hips, which is to be expected. A weighted object is circling an area many times–it will leave a bruise. But I also have them (bruises, not hoops) on my knees. Everytime I started to drop the hoop, I managed to spread my stance and squat just enough to crack my knee with the hoop, rather than being able to shimmy it back to my waist as originally intended.

Bruises from a hoop are nothing compared to what I did when I twirled flags in high school: busted my mouth & lip, numerous bumps to the back of the head, bruises to the ankles, shins & knees, and the coup de grace–blacked my left eye & prolly fractured the cheekbone and dented my forehead slightly. True story; the black eye happened on my third day of twirling. Everything else occurred during the first three months. But in no way am I complaining! My bruises prove I’m learning and I’m loving the idea of hooping during next year’s music festival road trip. In fact, the hoop dancers at Summer Camp are the reason I started hooping. I’ve even started hooping to music yesterday before I stopped for the day. A Perfect Circle is fun for hooping, I’ve found.

I’ll leave you with pics from my Flickr photostream of my bruises. I’ll add one of me & my hoop later; it’s really colorful & it GLOWS!

And if anyone has any tips for how to shimmy the hoop back up when it starts to drop, please tell me!