October 2008

I can’t resist Halloween. One of my favorite movies is Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas,” what else would you expect? So I bring to you, my jolly tricksters, the little ditty I’ve been singing all month: “This is Halloween” aka The Intro Scene to Burton’s stop-motion masterpiece. Kudos to Danny Elfman to pulling off quadruple duty–Jack Skellington’s singing voice, The Clown with the Tear-Away Face, Barrel & composer.

Driving around the Boro yesterday I thought of Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein.” Granted, I was searching for costume items for Halloween/World Zombie Day (walk in Nashville on 10/26, this Sunday) but this song always signifies Halloween to me……probably because of all the Halloween rock mix tapes Mom & I would buy back in the day. Anyways, enjoy the key-taur on me.

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