No one in the history of ‘Highlander’ should move as freaking fast as this guy, The Guardian:

I’m not even half way through this movie & it certainly is horrible. I mean, I like Sci-Fi channel movies (and this is one of them) but Sheez-o! We have Duncan, Methos, Joe, some new girl name Anna who is married to Duncan & has visions that are supposed to help lead them to the Source, an upstart Immortal named Reggie (a Ritchie Ryan rip-off? I think so) and an Immortal priest. They’ve also thrown in The Guardian–who looks like a cross between Darth Vader’s pastiness, Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head and he talks w/ a Scottish pirate voice–and The Elder, a Xerxes & Jabba combo who has seen the Source of Immortality.

And I thought Highlander 2 was bad. This movie pulls some elements from the Armageddon aspect of Highlander 2. But they conveniently forgot no fighting on holy ground. That’s how Mt. Vesuvius was started, according to the TV show. But I digress. This plot is not thought out well at all. Thank god for Methos, played by Peter Wingfield; he’s great at playing the super-intelligent jackass and I always liked his character. His characterization was kept well-intact from the show & Endgame.

And they just played the worst cover of ‘Princes of the Universe’ by Queen that I have *ever* heard.