November 2008

So I have several items that either are too small, too big or not my style. I do not have good luck with Plato’s Closet and really do not want to pay fees for EBay or Amazon. Some items will go to friends if it fits them but what do I do with the rest?

I prefer some money SO if there is a place I can sell to at a decent price or donate & *successfully* get a receipt for tax credit in Murfreesboro, tell me. PLEASE HELP!

I also have an older Starmate Sirius satellite radio (receiver, antennae, power cord & remote) that I will sell, not donate.

Yes, I’m still not writing as much. It’s because I’m hoop dancing a LOT because I would love to be as amazing as SaFire, who is the performer in today’s FGF. She is just awesome and I love her tutorials, which help a hell of a lot. Plus, great taste in music–she’s performing to Nashville’s very own Paramore! The song is the hit single “Misery Business,” which always made me want to dance anyways and now I just want to hoop dance to it!

Once you’ve watched this video, help SaFire win $1,000,000 in the ClipStar competition. Go to Clipstar and vote for SaFire’s “Misery Business” Hoop Dance video. If she wins, she will donate $100,000 of the winnings to charity.

I’m so behind in posts, sorry!

I wanted to share this protest song, Buffalo Springfield’s “Stop, What’s That Sound?” I heard it in the movie Lord of War which is a really good, intense movie. I grew up with music from the ’60s & ’70s and this is one song (of many) I used to sing along with at a young age. Besides, it’s as appropriate now as it was then.

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