I’ve been getting into podcasts lately. Probably about 2 years behind the curve but (!) I usually couldn’t find one that struck me as super-interesting. Now I have four….and one of ’em is President-Elect Barack Obama’s Weekly video address. Here are the sites for each one:

NashTechnia Some great Nashville folks discussing all sorts of tech & Nashville related things.

BLARM! I follow @wankergirl on Twitter and her proclamations crack me up. Here is an example Tweet (that’s her avatar):

WankerGirl (Dana)
wankergirl Octopus on a bongo!

DJ K-Tel DJ outta British Columbia. I love his mixes; great to hoop to (I saw Sharna Rose hoop to the Bad Ass Blue Bees mix on one of her videos) and keeps me going at work.

President-Elect Obama’s Weekly Address