As I am completely freezing this morning (it’s 7 degrees as I write this), it took me a bit to find a song to dance to so I could keep warm. Finally I hit upon Finger Eleven’s “Good Times” from 2003. Man, this song brings back so many memories from college, which was not that long ago [I graduated 2 years ago]. One such memory is a WARM early spring morning in 2004 ….. (cue the “Wayne’s World” doo-do-doot memory wave things) …. my buddy Jessa and I had been up all night hanging out, more than likely procrastinating on homework and at some point went to a friend’s house to play cards and generally be entertained. I cannot speak for her but at that point, I was a sophomore in college and was bored, sick and tired of school and from being stressed from school and work. Anyways…at like 7 or so in the morning we decide to leave because we have class at 11 or something and we want a few hours of sleep. We hop in her car and she flips the cd to “Good Times” and blares it the 2 miles back to the dorm. Once we hit campus, we start screaming “Good Morning!” to students, faculty and building as we are definitely awake and want everyone to know it. It made me feel like an unstressed, hyper little kid without a care in the world, which is a definite plus at any age. 🙂

Now everytime I hear this song I start dancing around, even when I’m driving, and I want to yell “Good Morning!” to anyone I pass. So here is my “GOOD MORNING” to you, Nashville!