Wow, a new month already! I’m currently working on my housing situation once my lease is up (boyfriend and I are debating between staying at current place or moving somewhere else for bigger & cheaper apartment until can get a house). I’ve also been working on my hoop stuff, practicing, making hoops, creating a quick-release connector….

I remember when this video came out in the ’90s. Scared me to death at that time (dudes look scary, man) but the song was fun to dance to. Now I hoop to it….and listen to it at work when I need an musical energy boost. Lordy, I remember the rave/club kid look of the late 90s and I remember wearing some of it (plastic ‘cheesy’ jewelry, crazily colored sunglasses). Hell, I’d wear some of it now as long as it’s comfortable (i’m looking at you, baggy rave pants) but I would *not* do the Spice Girls look again. That’s just going too far. 🙂 Here’s Prodigy’s “Breathe” from Fat of the Land.