Brief History

While attending Middle Tennessee State University, I spent a year working
for the student newspaper Sidelines. My time at Sidelines was
a supplement to my chosen major/minor combination, Recording Industry and
Journalism. Ms. Fern Greenbank, the advisor, suggested I join and contribute
to the new weekly entertainment insert. I provided several articles to
and the insert Exposure before transistioning to Exposure

I am providing links below to each of my articles, prefaced with the headline and
a short blurb. For now, the links will take you to the article as it is hosted on
the current Sidelines website.

Published Articles

The Features to be featured at Tucker Theater
Jan 19, 2006 Interview with Matt Pelham, leader of The Features, to promote upcoming show at Tucker Theater (MTSU).

Juan Prophet Organization
Feb 16, 2006 Interview with Kris White and Jeff Holt of JPO, providing a bit of information into the band’s sound and history.

MTTV Channel 10 brings you ‘MTSU’S Next Top Model’
Mar 16, 2006 Brief article describing the campus show, ‘MTSU’s Next Top Model.’

Wee the People, acoustic show at Liquid Smoke
Mar 23, 2006 Nashville trio Wee the People promoting their show at Murfreesboro’s premiere cigar bar, Liquid Smoke.

Stone River’s “Hidden Treasure:” DVD Plus
Apr 6, 2006 Ferrell Smith, owner/operator of DVD Plus, explains how he came into the DVD rental business, his history and his upcoming book.

Student featured in variety show
June 13, 2006 Feature article focused on Kaylin Davis and her involvement with the Murfreesboro/Rutherford County center for the Arts.

Police find open bottle of alcohol in professor’s car; charges pending
Sept 7, 2006 Breaking news article co-written with news editor Andy Harper; city property damage and erratic driving brought attention to the professor.

MT professor faces multiple charges
Sept 11, 2006 Follow-up article reporting the consequences of MTSU professor’s actions while driving.

New Exposure, New Town
Sept 14, 2006 Premiere “Editor’s Notes” column, welcoming readers to the re-vamped Exposure and glossing over the local happenings during the summer months.

Bang Bang Bang
Sept 14, 2006 Local band signs with Warner Brother Records; includes interview with drummer Neil Mason [band is now known as American Bang].

All apologies and the iPod Nano
Sept 21, 2006 “Editor’s Notes” column

Hay and screams and blood, oh my!
Sept 28, 2006 Short and sweet notation in my weekly “Editor’s Notes” column

Storm the castle and rock the Palace
Oct 5, 2006 Again, my weekly column; this time I tout Beck’s customizable album cover, Highland Games and Grand Palace’s 1-year anniversary.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Oct 19, 2006 Pumping readers up for Halloween with locations to obtain costumes in the “Editor’s Notes” column

Go Bump in the Night
Oct 25, 2006 Quck note dashed off concerning Halloween events, horror fests and a peek at the next week’s offerings

Working hard for the money
Nov 2, 2006 Deviated away from the usual entertainment notations, I express my distaste over the treatment of a Nashville mother in reference to a Nashville Scene arcticle.

It’s not you, it’s me
Nov 9, 2006 My thoughts on the super-early push of the Christmas season, top concerts for November and a chili festival.

Now it’s time to say good-bye
Nov 30, 2006 A final look at the semester and wishing all students good-bye and good luck in my last column.

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