I’ve noticed a lack of convenient recycling options in Murfreesboro. Granted, I’ve recently become interested and maybe I’m not looking hard enough; but when you live in an 810 square foot apartment, convenience is the keyword. There is the Recyle¬†Rutherford organization and there are recycling containers scattered around the ‘Boro.¬† But very few pick-up options.

Here’s the deal: I would love it if my entire aparment complex could get involved. Two hundred fifty units fill up two Dumpsters and then some; next to our mail boxes, there is a three foot trash can filled w/ junk mail when I get off work at 9:30 p.m.¬† Maybe just recycle paper and aluminum or glass containers at first but it would be a step in reducing the amount of trash in the dumpsters. Any thoughts for how I can speak to my neighbors and complex about having this done? Anyone know of recycle pick-ups that will service the Cason Lane part of town? I want opinions please!

[edit: 7/17]: I receive these emails from Ideal Bite about different things we can do, such as recycling, composting, packing lighter [saves on airline fuel!], etc. Today’s Bite? Recycling & composting to reduce the amount of trash left in landfills [Ideal Bite: Trashy Poe(m)].