FULL DISCLOSURE: I was at home, not at work and watching the debate at home. This is just my comments while watching the debate.

8:04–Q 1: no shit, we’re worried about the economy.

8:09–Q 1: Uncommitted Ohio voters don’t seem thrilled w/ McCain’s treasury secretary¬†option

8:12–Q 2: McCain is very assumptive. We know who the fuck Fannie & Freddie were *before* the shit hit the fan with the “rescue.” And *he* called it bailout before “rescue.”

8:17–Q 1: Meg Whitman was the CEO of EBAY from March ’98 to March ’08. And EBay just laid off 1000 employees according to @TChed on twitter.

8:19–Question 3: “Look” is not a good term to say. I learned that in customer care training. Doesn’t endear you to the person querying.

8:26–Q 4: So McCain’s main priority is energy? Obama is energy, health care, education, earmarks

8:30–Q 5: Freeze spending on education for war, McCain?

8:36–Q 6: Protectionism: there goes the mangoes.

8:42–Q 7: McCain says he will answer but he hasn’t answered. WTF?!

8:46–Bullshit on the 94 times vote for tax cuts and we do need alternatives for energy

8:49–Quit acting like catty teenagers & answer the question, both of you.

8:51–McCain is acting squirrelly. Sit down.

8:54–The goddamn $5000 credit will be spent to pay the other bills! So how the fuck does that help?!

8:59–Did the women on the grid fall off? No, they are justs really high up there.

9:01–So, building more nuclear plants will make us more secure in the long run? I don’t think so. My worry, on 9/11, was Oak Ridge being bombed.

9:08–Can we say no to another Vietnam, please?

9:11–If you talk loudly, can you have a big stick? Please elaborate.

9:21–I started tweeting. Will post the tweets also.

9;25–Sidenote: What do people do in Russia? My friends’ answer? Drink vodka, pirate music & wrestle bears.

9:30–LAST QUESTION: What don’t you know & how will you learn it? My question: Is this all inclusive?

9:48–all done. I’m kind of aggravated.


The answer to the question is: Learn to use Google #nashdebate
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LAST QUESTION: What don’t you know & how will you learn it? My question: Is this all inclusive? #nashdebate
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No preconditions doesn’t preclude preparation. Speaking as a journalist. #nashdebate
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@thegrammarnazi That’s what I said! http://tinyurl.com/3toabc And I confused a few of my friends when I said it out loud.
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My friend just asked if someone is asleep in the Belmont debate. Is there? #nashdebate
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If you talk loudly, can you have a big stick? Please elaborate. #nashdebate
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@thegrammarnazi I’m on my third. #nashdebate
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I’m about to have a f’in temper tantrum over this health care issue. #nashdebate
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@lmdupont Mine is still working in the boro. #nashdebate
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Q 6: Protectionism: there goes the mangoes. #nashdebate
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Q 5: Freeze spending on education for war, McCain? #nashdebate
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Did McCain just mispronounce her name?! I believe it is Te-reese-a, not Te-ray-sa. #nashdebate
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Live blogging……. #nashdebate
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By the way, I want the large touch screen on CNN. #Nashdebate
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15 minutes!
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@TChed Tanks?! Where’s my army boots & malcolm mcdowell when i need them (tank girl reference)?
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T minus 2 hours & 20 minutes. #nashdebate

First, I have made some changes to my blog. I made the blog the main page again, changed the theme, removed the page nav widget & added my Twitter feed as a text widget. Let me know what you think. I think it needs some more color but I have to purchase the ability to edit CSS. Please, please tell me if it needs something.

Second, the second presidental debate is tonight @ Belmont in Nashville. I most certainly will be watching. I’m hoping to live blog or live Tweet or maybe even do an Utterz. We’ll see. It kinda depends if I’m at my own house. But I will have something to say about it. Just watch.