I’m running late with my FGF post today but I want to share this song that you guys may or may not have heard. It’s MGMT’s “Electric Feel” and it’s this week’s Feel Good song b/c #1–it’s happy beat!, #2–my boyfriend and I jammed to this album all summer and I’m all about thinking warm thoughts right now; #3–We listened to a MGMT song during hoop class, so this band is definitely hoopable!

Just try to not dance when you hear this, I dare you. Bonus points if you can tell me what the riff is from….I’m hearing some Rod Stewart but my boyfriend insists it is something else.

I’m getting a glow hoop! I’m getting a glow hoop! Leigh from Sunbeam Laserbeam (Etsy.com) sent me a message: my custom glow hoop is ready! I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll probably play with it at the Pirate party and it will definitely be going with me to any and all music festivals next year. Yay!

I also just found out my blog is on NashvilleGeeks.org. Not kidding–I didn’t know until today. Thank you, Nashville Geeks! Check it:

I'm on the Geek blogroll!

I'm on the Geek blogroll!

I’m done sharing now. 🙂