I know I write about hooping a lot but damn, man, it’s what I do. You don’t want to hear about my job so why not read about something I enjoy? Anyways, Sunny down at Hooprama is opening up registration for January hoop classes. All classes are six weeks long, ya get a workout and it’s fun! Plus, there are different levels, so once you graduate from Level One, you can proceed to Two, so on & so forth. Read the description of the Level One class below; all class descriptions can be found here.

[copied from the Hooprama website, created & maintained by Sunny]:

Level One is a 6 week class series designed for the beginner. No experience is necessary! Come join us for a fun, fresh “retro” class that revitalizes the mind, body and spirit! We focus on hooping basics and performing very basic moves on/off the body. Instruction is followed by group activities with an emphasis on community and dance. A variety of music is used in class which will provide a rich mixture of sound for your hoop fitness experience! Space is limited and our classes always sell out quickly, so don’t delay! Click here for the class schedule and to register.”

I personally will be signing up have signed up for the Cool Springs Level One class. Even though I’ve been hooping for almost three months, I think this will help me greatly with smoothing out some of motions and straightening out my planes.

And hey, if you don’t hoop, no worries! You can be taught. There is also a new Strength, Stretch & Balance class “combining yoga, gym & hooping” BUT “no hooping is required!”

I’ll leave you with a bit of inspiration to become a hooper. You will have to click on it since WordPress.com is not letting me post a Vimeo video like I do with Youtube. This is hooper Jessica Sparks!

Jess Hoops: 8 weeks 5 days, 2 birds

Yes, I’m still not writing as much. It’s because I’m hoop dancing a LOT because I would love to be as amazing as SaFire, who is the performer in today’s FGF. She is just awesome and I love her tutorials, which help a hell of a lot. Plus, great taste in music–she’s performing to Nashville’s very own Paramore! The song is the hit single “Misery Business,” which always made me want to dance anyways and now I just want to hoop dance to it!

Once you’ve watched this video, help SaFire win $1,000,000 in the ClipStar competition. Go to Clipstar and vote for SaFire’s “Misery Business” Hoop Dance video. If she wins, she will donate $100,000 of the winnings to charity.