Wow, a new month already! I’m currently working on my housing situation once my lease is up (boyfriend and I are debating between staying at current place or moving somewhere else for bigger & cheaper apartment until can get a house). I’ve also been working on my hoop stuff, practicing, making hoops, creating a quick-release connector….

I remember when this video came out in the ’90s. Scared me to death at that time (dudes look scary, man) but the song was fun to dance to. Now I hoop to it….and listen to it at work when I need an musical energy boost. Lordy, I remember the rave/club kid look of the late 90s and I remember wearing some of it (plastic ‘cheesy’ jewelry, crazily colored sunglasses). Hell, I’d wear some of it now as long as it’s comfortable (i’m looking at you, baggy rave pants) but I would *not* do the Spice Girls look again. That’s just going too far. ūüôā Here’s Prodigy’s “Breathe” from Fat of the Land.

I’ve been away from the blog, and the Feel Good Fridays, for a while; I just haven’t been motivated to write, sorry guys. I don’t force myself to do anything even if it’s something I love (hooping, writing, cooking) b/c it makes it not as fun for me. But no fear, I”m back and I feel a slight bit motivated again so I may be writing more here in the next few weeks. But back to the FGF post!

Today is my 25th birthday and I thought I would share a double-header today. First up is the song that was Number One on the charts the week I was born — Kenny Loggins “Footloose.” I have *never* seen this movie, if you can believe it, but I’ve heard this song millions of times. One of the dance classes I took as a kid used to play this song during practice and we may have done a routine to a snippet of it but I don’t really remember. Here’s the original music video, just like how it used to be played on MTV back in the day when MTV played music videos!

The second is a song I’ve been rocking for a bit, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. The band is originally from Murfreesboro and it’s leader is now fairly famous, having created several notable songs, jingles and has played with Beck….. I’ve got Self’s “Trunk Fulla Amps,” motherfucker! This is actually a video for the edited/”no fucker” version as I wasn’t able to find an official video that wasn’t edited. The whole Gizmodgery album is brilliant; they played kid’s instruments on this! When I moved to the Boro in 2002 for college, I hadn’t heard of any of the bands in this area. Then I started hearing about a few: Neo, Folk Medicine, Boo Boo Bunny, The Features (once they signed and then were dropped which sucked)…. It wasn’t until I started dating my boyfriend in 2007 that I was introduced to the wonders of the Spongebath era — Self and The Features are his focus, but there is also The Katies, Fluid Ounces, Count Bass D and others — and I love it. The music is great, lyrics are sometimes goofy but you sing along no matter what and eff it, Matt Mahaffey is a genius.

Today’s FGF is a double-header, okay? First up is Paramore’s “crushcrushcrush,” which I’ve been rockin on the iPod all week after I broke down and gave Apple $10 for the album (damn you CD stores in the ‘boro for being out on the day I go to get it!). Paramore is an innocent-pleasure for me and always makes me happy when I hear their songs. In case you live in a cave–and it can’t be the Batcave, cause that’s where I am–Paramore hails from Franklin…I remember seeing a write-up about them in the Rage (blech) or the Scene and thinking, Oh it’s just another Be Your Own Pet thing and I don’t like the Pet. But I was wrong…about Paramore, not Pet. Anyways, this whole album “Riot!” gives me one of my few good memories of working at Shoe Hell:¬† a one-hour drive by myself with the tunes cranked during the relative cool of a June morning, passing by some beautiful scenery on I-24 headed to Tullahoma. Ah, I don’t miss the drive or that rough job but road trips & good tunes are always awesome.

The second video is The Presidents of the United States of America’s “Peaches.” My boyfriend has really gotten me into the Presidents and for some reason I always have “Kitty” stuck in my head….[it’s no wonder, since i do have a kitty that likes to stay underfoot and we always yell ‘kitty at my foot and i wanna touch it!’ at her]. Tonight was no exception; as I was trying to find a video for this post I was singing “Kitty” in my head. My boyfriend, out of nowhere, says “why not ‘Peaches?’ that always makes me feel good. millions of peaches peaches for me millions of peaches peaches for free.” so that is how this one came about. And how can you not enjoy saying “peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory…dowwwnnntown.” Enjoy and think warm thoughts on this cold January morning!

Driving around the Boro yesterday I thought of Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein.” Granted, I was searching for costume items for Halloween/World Zombie Day (walk in Nashville on 10/26, this¬†Sunday) but this song always signifies Halloween to me……probably because of all the Halloween rock mix tapes Mom & I would buy back in the day. Anyways, enjoy the key-taur on me.

As I write this post, I’m listening to the live MTSU press conference stream on Nashville is Talking. University Police Chief Buddy Peaster states classes were cancelled due to a threatening email & a few small fires in the past two days. The email did not threaten anyone specifically; instead, it was stating general “damage & destruction.” Cancellation was deemed to be the safest option for students (considering events such as Virgina Tech).

Students were notified via email and text alerts but some students have already raised a concern: they didn’t get the emergency text message. My former advisor–actually, he’s still the current advisor–at Sidelines sent a few Tweets about the cancellation this morning. It picked up on Twitter, especially since there are a quite a few former students and local newspeople in the Nashville/Murfreesboro Twitterstream. In fact, here is a feed for “MTSU” on Twitter.

Honestly, I’m rather unsure about this conference. Peaster is somewhat prepared but there still are too many unanswered questions or questions “answered” in a roundabout way. I do wish I still could write for Sidelines; I would love to be the one poking around, asking questions of Peaster, Tozier and other admins on campus. Apparently Tom Tozer, the University’s spokesperson, is out of the office until next week and no one was designated the official talking head while Tozer is away.

The press conference is now over but you can see the WKRN News 2 coverage w/ anchor Bob Mueller (‘stache power!) @ 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Thanks goes to @thegrammarnazi & @nitweet for the updates and live feed!

BTW, here is the official email sent out to faculty, staff and students at MTSU:

To:                   MTSU Faculty, Staff and Students
Subject:            Class Cancellation
A credible threat to our campus has been made. As a result, as of noon today, classes will be cancelled for the remainder of the week. Campus Police, in cooperation with local and state law enforcement officials, are actively investigating the situation, which involves a series of threatening emails and suspicious fires.
During this time, campus security will be increased. University offices will maintain normal business hours and other campus events will go on as scheduled. Following our regularly scheduled fall break, classes will resume on Wednesday, October 15. Employees are encouraged to report any unusual or suspicious activity to Campus Police. More information will be provided on the MTSU home page as details become available.
Sidney A. McPhee
Middle Tennessee State University


Update: WKRN’s 4 p.m. news¬†on the telly. Whoops, the reporter John Dwyer threw the video jump as “Sidney McPhee,” but it’s Buddy Teaster. Oh well, mistakes happen, especially with live television. And he apologized, so it’s okay. My favorite quote from the video clips: “Well, I feel safe because of all the cops here and stuff.” The only thing I can say to that is, even with University Police and then our city & county police force, crazy events happen–you can either be scared & hide or you can just stay alert and roll with it.

In 2003, a student was held up in his room @ Cummings Dorm the week before spring finals. My understanding, as it happened on the fifth floor & I was on the third during this event, was the young man was actually injured due to pistol-whipping. That tidbit was relayed to me by a friend who lived next door to the victim in the dorms.

Remember your childhood, when one of the greatest joys is Mom/Dad saying, “Yes, your friends can spend the night?” We’re bringin’ it back–only sans parental permission.

The sleepover came back after various discussions involving my friend Beth, boyfriend Lance and myself. We realized when people hang out really really late (such as a party or movie marathon), everyone drives home afterwards. If alcohol was involved, everyone sobers up and then drive home or gets a ride from a sober person. No one sleeps over anymore. The decision was made to have the Return of the Sleepover during Labor Day weekend, specifically Sunday night. All you need are a few friends, lots of blankets and pillows and a willing friend’s floor.

Well, we started early. On Saturday, a friend from Chattanooga came back to the ‘Boro (twas his birfday!) and met up with my boyfriend for some Saturday shenanigans. Much fun was had at Tarboosh/Roma’s [Tarboma], hanging out at the picnic tables with a rose hookah, The Goth Kid¬†and tons of ridiculous conversation. The party moved to my living room floor for a Soul Caliber IV and Castle Crashers competition until 5 a.m. Thank you Red Bull for the stamina. Wake up five hours later to three¬†slightly awake¬†people in my living room, a freaked out kitty and a very sleepy boyfriend. We made coff-ay, played more Soul Caliber and then hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I totally could have made breakfast but it was way more fun to squeeze four passengers in my Beetle for the CB adventure. Breakfast eated and back to the apartment…for more Soul Caliber.

In Soul Caliber, you can create characters based off the characters you have already purchased or unlocked. So many characters were created this weekend: Cherry Poppins, Alice, Mr. Mardi Gras, Senor Fantastico, Freddie Mercury, Buffy, the Gunslinger Ka-Tet (hard to do w/o guns)…we even made one for each other. Yes, we realize we are dorks but we enjoy it. After a possible 12-hour stretch of video games, we switched to horror movies. ‘Shrooms is an okay movie. We enjoyed it but it could have been better.

Monday served as¬†pyjama day…for those of us who did not work (such as myself). The sleepover group ended up back together with the addition of two friends freshly back from moe.down. Literally, just got off the plane probably an hour and a half beforehand! Give us chicken, potatoes, macaroni noodles and Velveeta and you will eat like a king for the night–which is what we did. Back to my apartment for more Soul Caliber until 3 a.m. (addicted much?) and a new fruity concoction entitled The Goth Kid’s Girlfriend, which made her mark on the carpet and also my hair. Do not lay down to watch TV next to a bright pink drink; it will spill and your hair will have a pink tint to it. All in all, a good time and one that will happen again. Plus, we have some good quotes out of it.

“I need something to cut the Goth Kid with.”

[while playing Soul Caliber] “You just stripped my character!” “That’s because I have the pokey-pokey stick!”

[after kicking our asses in Soul Caliber] “Beth, press ‘A.'” “Which one is ‘A?'” “The green one.”

“Did that horse just purr?”

“You have two speeds, go and reverse.” [my driving skills, apparently]

….long live the sleepover! Start a movement with your friends–bring back the sleepover and see what silliness you can end up with.

There was a fight over a Bell Street parking spot between two ladies. One lady had a “bladed instrument” and the other lady left the fight with “cuts on her head, shoulder and arm.”

WHAT THE HELL?! Parking isn’t that bad! There are plenty of parking spots; just park and effin WALK! Forgo the Raider Express, just walk from wherever you parked, even if it is the Rutherford Blvd lot across from campus. Get some exercise, fresh air, say hi to people as you pass, avoid the squirrels in Peck Forest…it’s not hard.

Read more @ Nashville is Talking: ‘Cat fight at MTSU over parking space’

I’m rather disturbed by this event.¬†Should my¬†alumni dollars should go towards road/parking rage management classes or towards more ‘convenient’ parking lots? It’s a toss-up.