Wow, a new month already! I’m currently working on my housing situation once my lease is up (boyfriend and I are debating between staying at current place or moving somewhere else for bigger & cheaper apartment until can get a house). I’ve also been working on my hoop stuff, practicing, making hoops, creating a quick-release connector….

I remember when this video came out in the ’90s. Scared me to death at that time (dudes look scary, man) but the song was fun to dance to. Now I hoop to it….and listen to it at work when I need an musical energy boost. Lordy, I remember the rave/club kid look of the late 90s and I remember wearing some of it (plastic ‘cheesy’ jewelry, crazily colored sunglasses). Hell, I’d wear some of it now as long as it’s comfortable (i’m looking at you, baggy rave pants) but I would *not* do the Spice Girls look again. That’s just going too far. 🙂 Here’s Prodigy’s “Breathe” from Fat of the Land.

I’ve been away from the blog, and the Feel Good Fridays, for a while; I just haven’t been motivated to write, sorry guys. I don’t force myself to do anything even if it’s something I love (hooping, writing, cooking) b/c it makes it not as fun for me. But no fear, I”m back and I feel a slight bit motivated again so I may be writing more here in the next few weeks. But back to the FGF post!

Today is my 25th birthday and I thought I would share a double-header today. First up is the song that was Number One on the charts the week I was born — Kenny Loggins “Footloose.” I have *never* seen this movie, if you can believe it, but I’ve heard this song millions of times. One of the dance classes I took as a kid used to play this song during practice and we may have done a routine to a snippet of it but I don’t really remember. Here’s the original music video, just like how it used to be played on MTV back in the day when MTV played music videos!

The second is a song I’ve been rocking for a bit, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. The band is originally from Murfreesboro and it’s leader is now fairly famous, having created several notable songs, jingles and has played with Beck….. I’ve got Self’s “Trunk Fulla Amps,” motherfucker! This is actually a video for the edited/”no fucker” version as I wasn’t able to find an official video that wasn’t edited. The whole Gizmodgery album is brilliant; they played kid’s instruments on this! When I moved to the Boro in 2002 for college, I hadn’t heard of any of the bands in this area. Then I started hearing about a few: Neo, Folk Medicine, Boo Boo Bunny, The Features (once they signed and then were dropped which sucked)…. It wasn’t until I started dating my boyfriend in 2007 that I was introduced to the wonders of the Spongebath era — Self and The Features are his focus, but there is also The Katies, Fluid Ounces, Count Bass D and others — and I love it. The music is great, lyrics are sometimes goofy but you sing along no matter what and eff it, Matt Mahaffey is a genius.

I’ve had Jamiroquai stuck in my head the last few nights from listening to it at my friend’s house. Today’s FGF is “Virtual Insanity.” Man, I remember when the music video came out (back when MTV & VH1 still played videos) and *everyone* in my middle school was obsessed with figuring out how he moved in this video. This is probably where my love of dance music and certain DJ’s comes from as well…have you ever listened to any of his other stuff? Tis awesome and you can’t not dance or at least wiggle at bit when you hear it.

I’m running late with my FGF post today but I want to share this song that you guys may or may not have heard. It’s MGMT’s “Electric Feel” and it’s this week’s Feel Good song b/c #1–it’s happy beat!, #2–my boyfriend and I jammed to this album all summer and I’m all about thinking warm thoughts right now; #3–We listened to a MGMT song during hoop class, so this band is definitely hoopable!

Just try to not dance when you hear this, I dare you. Bonus points if you can tell me what the riff is from….I’m hearing some Rod Stewart but my boyfriend insists it is something else.

Today’s FGF is a double-header, okay? First up is Paramore’s “crushcrushcrush,” which I’ve been rockin on the iPod all week after I broke down and gave Apple $10 for the album (damn you CD stores in the ‘boro for being out on the day I go to get it!). Paramore is an innocent-pleasure for me and always makes me happy when I hear their songs. In case you live in a cave–and it can’t be the Batcave, cause that’s where I am–Paramore hails from Franklin…I remember seeing a write-up about them in the Rage (blech) or the Scene and thinking, Oh it’s just another Be Your Own Pet thing and I don’t like the Pet. But I was wrong…about Paramore, not Pet. Anyways, this whole album “Riot!” gives me one of my few good memories of working at Shoe Hell:  a one-hour drive by myself with the tunes cranked during the relative cool of a June morning, passing by some beautiful scenery on I-24 headed to Tullahoma. Ah, I don’t miss the drive or that rough job but road trips & good tunes are always awesome.

The second video is The Presidents of the United States of America’s “Peaches.” My boyfriend has really gotten me into the Presidents and for some reason I always have “Kitty” stuck in my head….[it’s no wonder, since i do have a kitty that likes to stay underfoot and we always yell ‘kitty at my foot and i wanna touch it!’ at her]. Tonight was no exception; as I was trying to find a video for this post I was singing “Kitty” in my head. My boyfriend, out of nowhere, says “why not ‘Peaches?’ that always makes me feel good. millions of peaches peaches for me millions of peaches peaches for free.” so that is how this one came about. And how can you not enjoy saying “peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory…dowwwnnntown.” Enjoy and think warm thoughts on this cold January morning!

Courtesy of my boyfriend, I bring you a song that is “not only the “greatest anti-drug song ever written, it is also a personal statement about how the band has grown up, shucked off their bad-boy image and learned to become more adult.”* That’s right, I’m bringin’ you the News…. Huey Lewis and the News. And as if that wasn’t enough here is the image I see in my head every time I hear this song:

The reason this song makes me feel good is because I just [it’s Thursday night as I write this] laughed my ass off at my boyfriend reading aloud the above passage from Bret Easton Ellis’ “American Psycho.” I honestly thought he was reading from my copy of Lester Bangs ‘Psychotic Reactions & Carbeurator Dung,” but no. I forgot he is reading “American Psycho” (yes I have read it) so when he started asking me if I wanted to hear “Back in Time,” I retaliated with “I Want a New Drug.”

Which I know a bunch of the lyrics to. And I remember watching the video back when MTV showed videos. I was really little, but I remember.

So, for your amusement or ultimate horror, here is today’s Feel Good Friday– Huey Lewis & the News’ “I Want a New Drug.”

As I am completely freezing this morning (it’s 7 degrees as I write this), it took me a bit to find a song to dance to so I could keep warm. Finally I hit upon Finger Eleven’s “Good Times” from 2003. Man, this song brings back so many memories from college, which was not that long ago [I graduated 2 years ago]. One such memory is a WARM early spring morning in 2004 ….. (cue the “Wayne’s World” doo-do-doot memory wave things) …. my buddy Jessa and I had been up all night hanging out, more than likely procrastinating on homework and at some point went to a friend’s house to play cards and generally be entertained. I cannot speak for her but at that point, I was a sophomore in college and was bored, sick and tired of school and from being stressed from school and work. Anyways…at like 7 or so in the morning we decide to leave because we have class at 11 or something and we want a few hours of sleep. We hop in her car and she flips the cd to “Good Times” and blares it the 2 miles back to the dorm. Once we hit campus, we start screaming “Good Morning!” to students, faculty and building as we are definitely awake and want everyone to know it. It made me feel like an unstressed, hyper little kid without a care in the world, which is a definite plus at any age. 🙂

Now everytime I hear this song I start dancing around, even when I’m driving, and I want to yell “Good Morning!” to anyone I pass. So here is my “GOOD MORNING” to you, Nashville!

Last Saturday I purchased 2 tix to summercamp music & camping festival (may 22-25) for my boyfriend and myself. One of the scheduled acts is Dark Star Orchestra, a Grateful Dead tribute band that is so deep in the Dead they will play an entire show as a setlist from a particular show (i.e., New Year’s Eve 12/31/2008 Baltimore show was a re-creation of the 12/31/78 Winterland Arena set) *and* use the instruments and gear for the particular era they are re-creating. While taping my Dead-inspired twin hoops Sunshine & Daydream, I chilled out to the sounds of Dark Star Orchestra and caught this gem of a tune.

Here is the Grateful Dead, 10/9/89, @ Hampton Coliseum performing “Jack A Roe.”

One day earlier this week, Fuel’s “Bittersweet” came blasting thru my iPod and I’ve been groovin’ with it. I remember seeing Fuel play at Riverstages in 2004; Mr. Bret Scallions was wearing skintight leather pants & long-sleeved tee (also tight), which are contrast with his baggy jeans & tee in this video.

Here’s your daily ’90s fix:

Where’s the puck?

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I added new photos to Flickr today from the Predators v. Islanders game on 12/20/2008. I love my new camera (Nikon Coolpix S60) and I took a bunch of photos that night. I still have to upload some of the night light shots from the Viridian but, in the meantime, hit up my Flickr to see some photos of the game.

By the way, we won. One to zero.