I’m still having a few problems with delicious.com’s blog posting feature, but I’ve restarted the job to try again. In the meantime, I saved up a few links and am sharing them below. I realize there are a lot of clothing/craft/diy links in this post. Recently, I have the urge to make simple clothes such as skirts and aprons. You probably didn’t know I am a little crafty–I get it from my mom, who made lots of quilts and decorative projects.  Anyways, enjoy the links below and once I get going on my new clothing project, I’ll share the results!

1. Startup pays you to find good music–TechCrunch article

2. Should texting be limited in theaters?–Chattanooga Times Free-Press

3. How to leave Paris happy, not broke–CNN.com

4. Nashville Originals-Independent, locally-owned restaurants