FULL DISCLOSURE: I was at home, not at work and watching the debate at home. This is just my comments while watching the debate.

8:04–Q 1: no shit, we’re worried about the economy.

8:09–Q 1: Uncommitted Ohio voters don’t seem thrilled w/ McCain’s treasury secretary¬†option

8:12–Q 2: McCain is very assumptive. We know who the fuck Fannie & Freddie were *before* the shit hit the fan with the “rescue.” And *he* called it bailout before “rescue.”

8:17–Q 1: Meg Whitman was the CEO of EBAY from March ’98 to March ’08. And EBay just laid off 1000 employees according to @TChed on twitter.

8:19–Question 3: “Look” is not a good term to say. I learned that in customer care training. Doesn’t endear you to the person querying.

8:26–Q 4: So McCain’s main priority is energy? Obama is energy, health care, education, earmarks

8:30–Q 5: Freeze spending on education for war, McCain?

8:36–Q 6: Protectionism: there goes the mangoes.

8:42–Q 7: McCain says he will answer but he hasn’t answered. WTF?!

8:46–Bullshit on the 94 times vote for tax cuts and we do need alternatives for energy

8:49–Quit acting like catty teenagers & answer the question, both of you.

8:51–McCain is acting squirrelly. Sit down.

8:54–The goddamn $5000 credit will be spent to pay the other bills! So how the fuck does that help?!

8:59–Did the women on the grid fall off? No, they are justs really high up there.

9:01–So, building more nuclear plants will make us more secure in the long run? I don’t think so. My worry, on 9/11, was Oak Ridge being bombed.

9:08–Can we say no to another Vietnam, please?

9:11–If you talk loudly, can you have a big stick? Please elaborate.

9:21–I started tweeting. Will post the tweets also.

9;25–Sidenote: What do people do in Russia? My friends’ answer? Drink vodka, pirate music & wrestle bears.

9:30–LAST QUESTION: What don’t you know & how will you learn it? My question: Is this all inclusive?

9:48–all done. I’m kind of aggravated.


The answer to the question is: Learn to use Google #nashdebate
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LAST QUESTION: What don’t you know & how will you learn it? My question: Is this all inclusive? #nashdebate
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No preconditions doesn’t preclude preparation. Speaking as a journalist. #nashdebate
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@thegrammarnazi That’s what I said! http://tinyurl.com/3toabc And I confused a few of my friends when I said it out loud.
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My friend just asked if someone is asleep in the Belmont debate. Is there? #nashdebate
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If you talk loudly, can you have a big stick? Please elaborate. #nashdebate
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@thegrammarnazi I’m on my third. #nashdebate
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I’m about to have a f’in temper tantrum over this health care issue. #nashdebate
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@lmdupont Mine is still working in the boro. #nashdebate
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Q 6: Protectionism: there goes the mangoes. #nashdebate
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Q 5: Freeze spending on education for war, McCain? #nashdebate
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Did McCain just mispronounce her name?! I believe it is Te-reese-a, not Te-ray-sa. #nashdebate
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Live blogging……. #nashdebate
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By the way, I want the large touch screen on CNN. #Nashdebate
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15 minutes!
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@TChed Tanks?! Where’s my army boots & malcolm mcdowell when i need them (tank girl reference)?
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T minus 2 hours & 20 minutes. #nashdebate

Why are all the URL icons wrong? I can understand the Drupal for Gmail but Facebook? MySpace? For once, Twitter is not the broken one.

One of these things does not belong.

One of these things does not belong.

Or maybe IE is broken. This didn’t start until Chrome came out….which I don’t have. Ah-ha! It’s a conspiracy to go to Chrome! ūüėČ Totally kidding, but it’s not a bad idea.

As I posted yesterday, del.icio.us is supposed to auto-post my new bookmarks every morning. Either I messed up with the URL-XML-PRC thing, or the problem documented in the forum is occuring. So today’s links were lovingly handtyped for your clicking pleasure. Maybe it will work tomorrow. And for your viewing pleasure (found on TechCrunch, links to article about Gmail outage):

Gmail Fail

Gmail Fail

I just discovered del.icio.us gives the option to post lastest bookmarks to your blog. I have now signed up and today it is supposed to post. We will see.

Meanwhile, I did bookmark an article entitled “Why Twitter hasn’t failed: The Power of Audience.”¬†The article is pretty interesting, especially since¬†I use Twitter myself and in light of the recent Bird Bans (see prev post here). Twitter is great (when it works) and can be useful–I just don’t see it as omnipotent. One day it will fail or fall by the wayside if major problems keep cutting into its use. I remember MySpace and Facebook, back in the 2004 days. Back then, it was the newest way to keep up with your friends; now, it’s almost a joke at times with the adverts, apps and¬†add-friends-frenzy. I still use both sites but my usage of both dropped when it became too problematic & annoying to sign in to the damn site.

Although, I’m still waiting for someone to come up with a FriendFeed type site that will also post replies to your social network sites. I know I’m not the only one–we’ve got the idea, we just need a developer and some money for a startup. Anyone want the job, let me know, I have some ideas.

As I attempted to login to my Plurk account today, I was redirected to this image:

Plurk is undergoing maintenance and it’s just taking a little while. In the meantime, which ‘down’ image would you rather see: Twitter’s Fail Whale or the Plurk Party?

[edit @ 5:32] Plurk has been back up for a bit. Neat image though.